Who we are

Centro Ricerche sulla Scrittura (Research Center on Writing) is a non-profit association.

It was born in 2015 on the guidelines of “Europe 2020 strategy” that have focused the attention on the need to comply with professional profiles usable in the European Community, in order to reply to the increasing demand of the high level professional competence whose standards have to be achieved by 2020.

Centro Ricerche sulla Scrittura, through Masters based on scientific researches, deals with the training of “Grapho-biometricians”, expert professionals with specific skills on the evaluation and analysis of the handwriting learned by biometric techniques (www.grafobiometristi.it).

Its field of applying is mainly the judicial one, with training of well-trained experts / technicians with specific skills on graphometric signature analysis and comparison. They make reference mainly to the European Eidas 910/2014 rules (enforced in the EU since the 1st July 2016) and the Prescriptive General Regulation concerning biometry of the Privacy Guarantor of 12th November 2014.

Nevertheless, the research is applied to all the traditional sectors: writing, clinical up to the rehabilitation to the scholastic learning with multidisciplinary team works.

The Centre deals with the maintenance of the high level of theoretical knowledge and technical competences, which distinguish all the Grapho-biometricians, with a lifelong learning that is made mainly through the research and the due publications of each member of the association.