Graduate-Biometric Research Master

Course Description:

The course is held by CRS collaborators – Research Research Center with the support of leading manufacturers, both nationally and internationally, of software and tools for biometric signature.

Technological innovation has made the traditional graphological forensic parameters for biometric signatures totally inadequate and ineffective; From now on, forensic graphologists will require highly specific skills and knowledge that go far beyond simple graphological knowledge.

All graphic parameters need to be revised and adapted to new requirements: signature can no longer be evaluated in its chart but in its mathematical correlations that must be read and interpreted according to new procedures.

Through field experimentation and research, the foundations of the new digital graphology will be laid.

A training and research project on FEAs (advanced electronic signatures) and biometric techniques applied to the forensic graphological field will be illustrated.

The objective is to create a pool of experts with specific, exclusive and certified skills in technical expertise and expertise on biometric signatures.

The Master uses a research lab where you can experience various aspects of forensic digital graphology.

Scientific articles are published through international scientific dissemination channels to develop the scientific basis of new forensic procedures and attest to the specificity of the preparation of the single candidate in the courtroom.

Who Can Participate:

The Master is exclusively for professionals selected from:

  • Graphology students attending three-year graphology courses;
  • graphologists with at least three years of certified training at recognized AGP or AGI schools;
  • graphologists holding university degrees (DU, Bachelor or Master) in graphological subjects.