Deontological Code of Laboratory Activity

Art. 1
Group cohesion and respect for simple, but not discounted, rules of conduct are essential for research.
Art. 2
Participants undertake to comply with this Code of Conduct for Laboratory Activity.

Art. 3
Participants undertake the care of the instrumentation in use.

Art. 4
IParticipants, who will be free to choose the group they work with, undertake to maintain relationships of correctness and dialogue. Contrasts will have to be avoided by comparing with others’ opinions without falling into protagonisms or antagonisms.

Art. 5
In each group, a representative will be appointed to act as the interpreter of the group. The selection criterion will be decided at the beginning of the activity on the basis of objective, unobservable objective data.

Art. 6
Participants undertake to maintain the total reserttance of the findings, criteria and technology adopted until scientific articles, approved by the Scientific Committee, will be made public on their behalf by the Research Research Center at the time of publication or with the presentation to specially organized events.

Art. 7
Participants undertake not to divulge the published scientific articles themselves, the dissemination of which will be the care of the Research Center on Scripture.